Krista Keränen

Invited lecturers

Consultan, educator, speaker, reseacher, board member

Consultan, educator, speaker, reseacher, board member Krista Keränen holds a PhD in engineering, Master’s degree in Hospitality Management, and Bachelor degrees in Hospitality Management and Business Management. In her doctoral studies at the University of Cambridge she focussed on co-creation in service innovation, design and management.

Currently she is working at the Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland as a director for entrepreneurship and innovation. She is also responsible for global business. She has a long background in entrepreneurship, service business management, research, and education.

Furthermore, she has won the Capacity Building Category at the European Women Inventors & Innovation Competition in 2013 with an innovation called the CoCo Tool Kit, which is a service design tool consisting a set of five tools for businesses to develop their service business thinking.