Alicante or Alacant (both the Spanish and Valencian being official names) is the capital of the homonymous province, one of the three that make up the Valencian Community. With a population of more than 330 000 inhabitants, it is the second most populated city of the autonomous community and the eleventh of the country. The city, on a plain surrounded by hills and elevations, is also a historic Mediterranean port. Monte Benacantil, 169 m height, on which the Castle of Santa Barbara sits, dominates the urban facade and constitutes the most characteristic image of the city. Alicante has a warm semi-arid climate, with mild temperatures throughout the year and sparse rainfall. The average temperature in the months of October and November oscillates between 15-20 ºC, with maximums between 25-20 ºC, and minimums between 10-14 ºC. Because Alicante is a coastal city, the average annual humidity is high (around 66%), varying little over the year.