Juan José Hernández

Round Table I / Mesa Redonda I

Juan José Hernández started his research career studying the properties of charm particles at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, CERN. After the study of charm particles in experiments at the Super-Proton Synchroton of CERN and at the Tevatron of the Fermi National Accelerator Centre, he devoted his efforts to the study of the electroweak boson Z in the DELPHI experiment at the CERN Large Electron-Positron Collider, LEP. When the high-energy phase of the LEP accelerator started to operate, he got involved in the search for supersymmetric particles. He was Deputy Spokesman of the ANTARES Collaboration, which built and operated the first undersea neutrino telescope and is a member of the KM3NeT Collaboration, which plans to deploy a neutrino telescope of several cubic kilometres of size under the Mediterranean Sea. He is at present interested in the indirect search for dark matter through high-energy neutrinos. He is a member of the Particle Data Group, the international team that examines and compiles the information on elementary particles. He is Director of the Institute for Corpuscular Physics (IFIC) since 2015.