Francisco Fernández

Round Table III / Mesa Redonda III

Francisco Fernández Brañas holds a bachelor degree on Biological sciences/ Biochemistry.  After briefly working as patent examiner at the OEPM in Madrid he moved to the European Patent Office (EPO) in The Hague where he worked during 15 years as patent examiner in the field of Biotechnology. Since 2002 he is managerial director of a unit of highly experienced scientist examiners at the European Patent Office in search, examination and opposition in the Biomedical area, including genes, iRNA, antisense molecules, CRISPR, cells, microbiology, immunology, antibodies and vaccines, plant technology… etc. He participates in international cooperation programs with other patent offices (Mexico, Cuba, WIPO, Guatemala, Argentina, Spain) and takes active part in working groups dealing with the ethics of patenting new technologies. He actively contributes in discussions regarding patentability of biological matter, case law and patent procedures (BIO USA, BIO China, large pharma companies). Mr Fernandez Brañas is very familiar with quality control systems (including ISO9001 procedures) applied at the EPO and takes active part in the drafting of legal documents and instructions regarding patenting matters.